Baker Landscape & Irrigation, Inc. offers these SNOW PLOW services:

  • Per Push Pricing
    Snow plowing services are performed and clients are quoted a rate per visit and push. This pricing works very well with high traffic sites such as medical centers and bank branches.
  • Per Event Pricing
    Snow plow services are performed and billed at a single rate for a snowfall event no matter how long the storm continues, up to a maximum event window of 24 hours.
  • Seasonal Pricing
    Snow plowing services are performed at a quoted flat price for the winter season. This pricing structure may or may not include a seasonal "snowfall cap" before reverting to another price structure such as per push. Our seasonal pricing requires a 3 year commitment to balance the risks or high and low winter event seasons.

Other Snow & Ice management services include:

  • Loader Services / Trucking
  • Snow Blowing Services
  • Sidewalk Shoveling
  • Sand / Salt Applications

Fully Insured for Snow Removal General Liability, Workers Compensation and Vehicle Insurance.


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